Since 2010, the Ready, Set, Transfer! Academy has worked to increase the transfer and degree completion rates of low-income, highly skilled STEM students at each of the Seattle Colleges. Student supports include S-STEM scholarships from the National Science Foundation (NSF), paid undergraduate research experiences, guest speakers, transfer and academic skills workshops, and specialized faculty mentoring. The program also includes an embedded educational researcher, Dr. Thai Nguyen.


In 2017, the RST Academy received substantial NSF support (S-STEM Award #1643580) to focus on the following goals:

  • Increase the recruitment, retention, and transfer/graduation rates of academically talented, economically-challenged STEM students.
  • Create a holistic, efficient ecosystem of evidence-based support for RST scholars.
  • Contribute to the knowledge base of STEM education by investigating how mechanisms of structural inequality related to social class stratify the experiences and opportunities of STEM students who begin their studies in developmental math.


The Ready, Set, Transfer! Academy and S-STEM Scholarship are administered by faculty co-PI’s at each of the Seattle Colleges:

Faculty Coordinators

North Seattle College

Ann Murkowski

Seattle Central College

Josh Whorley

Krystle Balhan

South Seattle College

Albert Engel


Thai Huy Nguyen standing in front of a bookshelf Thai Nguyen is a professor and researcher at Seattle University. He provides support to the RST co-PI faculty leadership team and focuses on minority student achievement and how colleges can promote it.