S-STEM Scholarship

Offered by the RST Academy

Each campus collects scholarship applications quarterly. Please see the online application (link below) for the due date at each college.We encourage academically skilled, economically disadvantaged students pursuing transfer degrees in STEM fields to apply for S-STEM scholarships, which are funded by the National Science Foundation. S-STEM scholarships are recognized nationally by colleges, universities, and STEM employers. Students can receive up to $2500 per quarter, renewable until they transfer to a four-year institution or university. All scholarships include a dedicated faculty mentor and other program supports.





How to Apply

Where to Pick Up an Application
Temporarily Unavailable – please apply online

North Seattle College
IB 2429A
South end of the Instruction Building, 2nd floor

Seattle Central College
SAM 110
STEM-B Programs Department Office

South Seattle College
UNI 101
Academic Programs Office at University Center

Apply Online


  • Be an RST Academy member;
  • Pursue a transfer degree in one of the following STEM fields:
  •     Biological Sciences
        Does not include medicine and other clinical fields.
  •     Physical Sciences
        Includes physics, chemistry, astronomy, and materials science.
  •     Mathematical, Computer, and Information Sciences
  •     Geosciences
  •     Engineering
  •     Technology areas associated with the preceding disciplines
        Biotechnology, Chemical Technology, Engineering Technology, Information Technology
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • Demonstrate financial need, as verified by FAFSA.
    FAFSA must be submitted by the time we evaluate your scholarship.
  • Priority consideration is given to STEM students enrolled in MATH 098 or lower.

Application Materials

  • Contact information, including your intended major and the highest level of math you have completed.
  • FAFSA submitted for the current/upcoming academic year.
  • Names and contact information for two references.
  • Two letters of recommendation (only for students in Math 102 and higher)
  • Answers to three short questions about your background and STEM interests.

Letters of Reference

Applicants who have placed into or enrolled in Math 102 or higher must provide two letters of recommendation from instructors. Students in lower-numbered math courses only need to provide the contact information of two references.. See upload form for details.

To provide a letter of reference, request a letter from your faculty mentor or an instructor in whose class you did well. Let them know the specific accomplishments and projects you would like them to mention. Provide them with information about where and when to submit their letters of recommendation.

Scholarship Expectations

Students who receive the S-STEM Scholarship are expected to complete capstone projects, attend RST Academy events, interact extensively with their RST mentor, and otherwise rise as exemplary students within the RST Academy. Each of these activities helps you become successful:

  • Maintain a 2.8 GPA
  • Maintain full-time enrollment as a STEM major (seeking an associate degree) at Seattle Colleges
  • Remain an active RST member by attending at least two RST events per quarter
  • Meet with your faculty mentor two times per quarter
  • Complete end of quarter surveys about your experience with the S-STEM program
  • Submit a FAFSA each academic year

Renewal Criteria

At the end of each quarter, program leadership makes sure that scholarship students are meeting regularly with their faculty mentor and also evaluates their quarterly GPA. To remain on scholarship, students must continue to make progress toward an A.S. degree and transfer to a STEM major at a four-year institution. In some cases, students may be placed on probation pending improvements in GPA, successful completion of full-time coursework, or regular meetings with their faculty mentor.