Faculty Mentorship

For hundreds of years, faculty have formed intentional and caring relationships with students, in order to further the personal and professional development of both. Mentoring is a time-honored academic tradition that provides benefits to both mentor and mentee.

How to Meet Your RST Mentor

When you join the RST Academy, we immediately try to pair you with an available faculty mentor in your discipline. If you have a specific mentor in mind, please contact your RST faculty coordinator at any time.

faculty mentor and student in front of research board presentation

The Role of the RST Mentor

Mentors assist students with short- and long-term goals, guide students through questions on careers and majors, and help them overcome other challenges to successful degree completion and transfer. Mentors also help students stay on top of transfer deadlines, identify academic resources on campus such as scholarships, counseling, academic advising, and workshops, as well as encourage students to attend RST academy events.

What Students Have to Say About RST Mentors

My mentor was Professor Ruben Murcia, the greatest biology teacher I’ve ever had. His passion for what he teaches compelled me to become a biology major at the University of Washington. He advised me on many aspects of being a student, and I wouldn’t have experienced the learning that lead me to where I am now without his guidance.
He was very helpful. Whenever I had issues, problems, questions... I turned to him and he was always more than happy to help. His advice, suggestions and information was always empowering.
She was excellent. She gave me solid advice on pursuing my degree, and guided me when I was unsure on things.
My mentor helped me with input on class selection, life/school/work balance, and transfer planning. This made my first year at SCC a successful one.
My mentor helped guide me to the program that I am currently pursuing. He was incredibly helpful and patient in answering all my questions. He also provided me with the information to pursue scholarships and wrote great recommendation letters.
She helped me decide my education plan and helped me navigate the UW website even after her office hours. She knows a lot about the education system and what is important for universities to transfer to.